SmartStrand Silk carpets – so clean, even Kim and Aggie would approve

SmartStrand Silk carpets 

So clean even Kim and Aggie would approve

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The secret to keeping your carpets looking brand new

You don’t need to be Kim or Aggie (remember them?) from the famous Channel 4 programme ‘How Clean Is Your House?’ to know that some carpets are harder to keep clean than others. Whether they came with their own chemical protection layer when you bought them, or you’ve had them professionally cleaned and a new protection coating applied, some carpets just show stains and soiling quicker than others.

Three strikes and you’re out

According to American flooring manufacturing giant Mowhawk, test have shown that nearly half of the anti-soil and stain protection wears off standard nylon carpets after only three steam cleans. And that’s without taking into account the additional impact of all the little thrills and spills that take place as part of everyday living in your house.

This is because most of these carpets have a simple chemical protector applied on the top of them after the manufacturing process is complete. So each time the carpet is steam cleaned, you wash away part of the protective layer.

As a result, the dust, dirt and stains have made their way into the carpet fibre making it look worn and, well, just a little bit dirty. This, Mowhawk explains, is why your carpet can actually start to look dirtier the more that you clean it. Kim and Aggie would not be pleased…

Fancy a nice cup of tea or coffee?

We’ve all done it. We’ve spilled hot tea or coffee on our carpet. Or, more embarrassingly, we’ve all accidentally knocked over that very full glass of red wine onto that lovely new cream carpet. Ever noticed that it is it always a cream carpet when that happens?

According to Kim and Aggie, their tip for dealing with spills on carpets involved lots of mopping up, water and some peculiar, energetic smacking and stomping around on top of paper towels. Oh, and occasionally some salt too. It all sounds a bit like hard work.

SmartStrand Silk – permanent protection guaranteed

Mowhawk have a slightly easier solution. Buy a carpet that offers permanent protection from staining and soiling. Simple! As a manufacturer of high quality, durable flooring for over 130 years, it knows a thing or two about carpets. It has used its extensive knowledge and expertise to come up with its SmartStrand Silk carpet.

Made from nylon, SmartStrand Silk is designed to be soft and silky under foot while being one of the toughest and hard wearing carpets around. Luxurious to the touch, it has three times the fibre of ordinary nylon carpets. Yet, Mowhawk guarantees that it won’t stain, no matter how many times it is cleaned or how much traffic it has to cope with. It’s a bold claim.

Built in protection

So can the SmartStrand Silk really offer permanent protection from soiling and stains? The secret apparently lies in the manufacture of the carpet itself. Protection is built into the carpet fibre rather than sitting on top of the pile as with other carpets. This means that no matter how many times you walk on or clean it, the protection layer doesn’t wear off – ever.

It’s one of the reasons Mowhawk claim that its SmartStrand Silk carpet is more tough, durable and beautiful than pretty much any similar carpet out there in the market today. In fact, with typical American confidence, it reckons that the SmartStrand carpet can handle pretty much anything.


Why SmartStrand?

It seems that customers agree with Mowhawk’s findings. SmartStrand has the number one customer satisfaction rating of any carpet in the USA. Not bad going in such a competitive, demanding market.

Add to the fact that it is made in part from renewable resources and what’s not to love? With Mowhawk committed to green projects through its GreenWorks programme, it really is an eco-friendly and energy-saving flooring solution for your home.

Goodbye to the elbow grease!

So forget the elbow grease – and the worry over those cream carpets. With a SmartStrand Silk carpet, you really can be sure that your carpets will remain stain and soil free while looking and feeling the part for years to come.

Now we reckon Kim and Aggie would be very pleased with that!

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