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Chris Craig – Floor Designs

I have been involved in the flooring industry since 2001 after completing my interior design degree, I managing the day to day business here at Floor Designs. Over the years I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge of the many different types of flooring systems for commercial and residential projects.    

Brian Hutchison – Karndean Design Flooring

Alan Mathieson – Amtico Design Floors

Paul Bretman – Moduleo Design Floors

I have been involved in the floor coverings industry most of my adult life starting with the family floorcoverings shop in Paisley, over the years i have represented Karndean , Amtico and today i'm the National Sales Manager with Moduleo Design Floors. Ask me for advice regarding Luxury Vinyl Tiles.

Mike Mortimer – Beau Flor

Gabriel Lechien – Panaget

Gregg Watson – Crucial Trading

Stephen Cawley – Penthouse Carpets

I have worked in the flooring industry all of my adult life since leaving school which was not yesterday. I have gained the knowledge and skills required in all aspects of the manufacturing, distribution and installation of all types of floor coverings , especially of wool and man made carpets . I can pass on my expertise to clients and companies who need my advice.    

Pat McGuire – Ryalux Carpets

Malcolm Tillson – Cavalier Carpets

Malcolm Kirk – Brintons Fine Carpets

Scot Turner – Gaskell Mackay

Past Questions and Answers


Can Amtico be laid on top of existing vinyl which has stuck down approx 40 years ago?It is going to be very difficult to remove.

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I have a dark amtico floor in the hall but want to replace it with a golden oak. Can I have Amtico layed on top of the existing Amtico or do I have to lift it? Many thanks

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Soufian Raouf:

I would like to know the flooring that is in your pictures, of the Victorian house you did for a customer, of the main hallway. I too have this same flooring in my main hallway but some of my panels are damaged I was not the original owner of the house when these were installed and I am having difficulty sourcing the same kardean flooring and I would greatly appreciate if you could tell me what that flooring is called and all the other relevant info about it because I need some of the same panels for my existing floor. I do not need a lot as the area that is damaged is no more than 2 hand widths and lengths. Many thanks

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sandy buchan:

my amtico vinyl flooring is approx. 7 yrs laid and is showing totally flat (dull ) with numerous marks,what products do you recommend to clean it and bring back a good shine. thank you

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Robert Pilbrow:

Hi there Can you please tell me the weight per onze of the Mr Tomkinson Classic Berber Rpmeo Desert 100% wool 2 ply carpet is. We are thinking of it for our study and hope it would be suitable using an office chair on casters. Many thanks, Robert

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Hi, would like to know if a 3ft wide hall is too narrow to put in a timber herringbone floor on

The answer:

Joy Meechan:

Hi, I am thinking of replacing engineered oak flooring, kitchen and dining room with Amtico spacious, stone. Effect. My dining room is south facing lots of glass doors. Will the sun affect the Amtico flooring. Thanks Joy.

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What type of LVT can be laid in a herringbone pattern (loose lay, glue-down, adhesive strip, or click-lock)?

The answer:

karl thomas:

Hi guys I have to lay herringbone lvts. This is something I've never done in the past can u give me some advice on how to set it out please

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Susan Ford:

I'm looking into luxury vinyl flooring and wondered if you could tell me the main differences between Karndean, Amtico and Moduleo? Thanks.

The answer:

Chris Podmore:

Hi, do you offer borders on stair runners (rather than whipping)? Similar to this

The answer:

john guy:

we are trying to find "pretty" stair nosing so that we can have the karndean flooring on the landing without the nosing looking sharp, angular and industrial. We have 2 dogs and a slightly lazy cat that has laid her scent on the carpet on the landing that we "need to get rid of!", replacing the carpet is one option, but i suspect that this is more a case of throwing good money after bad, at least with a good quality flooring we can mop up accidents and use a steam mop to sterile it. Our greatest concern is that the nosing does not look too angular and industrial as this is going into our modern, but contemporary house

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Ana T:

If moisture is the problem with my solid oak flooring buckling what can be done to prevent the same thing happening again? The floor has been self-levelled and has wood floor fibreboard on top - does it need anything else need to be laid on top to stop it buckling/warping?

The answer:

Jillian Nelson:

Would you recommend Karndean or Amtico flooring instead of traditional tiles for a bathroom floor? If so, why? What are the comparisons in terms of cost? Thanks, Jillian Nelson

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paul baber:

hello. I live in the state of Washington. USA Do you sell your flooring here. its beautiful

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D Hickey:

Hi. Could you email me please? I've found a picture via google of some stone flooring, which is linked to your website. When I click to go to the page it takes me to your home page and I can't find the flooring on your site. If I could send you the picture, you might be able to advise me?

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Miss V:

Dear Karen I'm planning to refurbish my transporter van into a camper van - and the next step is the flooring. I would like to have my own design printed on suitable vinyl for the floor in the van, something durable of course. Is this something you guys can help me achieve at all ? It will be a small space compared to what you most likely cater for, hopefully this will not be an issue. Let me know where we go from here, assuming you can supply what I'm looking for. Many thanks, Miss V    

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Paul scobie:

Hi do you install electric underfloor heating. I am looking to floor around 25m2 in amtico for my kitchen diner and want underfloor heating pads installed at the same time.

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Derek Flemming:

I'm shopping for wood flooring for my new house, whats the difference and advantages between solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring ?

The answer:

Mrs. Young:

My Karndean floors have been damaged by tradesmen working in my home, their step ladders feet did not have rubber protection and now my floors are covered in scratches! Can this damage be repaired easily ?

The answer:

Jamie from Ayrshire:

I'm looking for carpets for my new home, whats a Polypropylene Carpet and is it any good in terms of wear ???

The answer:

Alistair Jeffrey:

I'm thinking about buying crucial trading flooring, can you tell me more about coir ?

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