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Why patterned carpet is a good option.

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If you want to introduce pattern into your home, you’ve in for a treat, as carpet offers some tempting choices. As well as classical designs to suit any room, there are delicate motifs for bedrooms, interesting geometrics for living rooms, as well as crisp, elegant stripes, which are a smart choice for a study or hall. Subtle styles are often better in limited spaces, while bolder designs can have free rein in a larger room. Of course, if you fall in love with an elaborate design but only have a tiny room, why not throw out the rule book? By limiting the other colours and patterns within the room, it’s possible to create a stunning effect.


Where can I use big pattern?

Dramatic patterns tend to work better in spacious rooms, although they can make a small room come alive if the colours work well with the overall scheme.

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Is there a trick to using stripes?

In a narrow room stripes can create the illusion of width, and in a long room stripes along its full length give the impression of making it longer still. Mixed with plains, stripes allow colour to progress from room to room.

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If I choose a busy pattern will it be harder to decorate my room?

A complex design can be the focus of a room, and a carpet that uses subtle colours lends itself well to a current trend that puts pattern against pattern. Strong colours can reflect the continuing fashion for bringing a touch of glamour and drama to the home.

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