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The Usual Caper from Alternative Flooring

If you think a quirky runner is an Olympian medallist called Mo, you’re wrong. Not that he isn’t – who doesn’t love to make a movement out of gesturing the first letter of their name? We’re just saying he doesn’t officially own the title. A quirky runner, really, is what you put on your stairs to make them look super cool after you’ve bought it from Alternative Flooring. Alternative Flooring has some inspired designers, and the ones responsible for the aptly named ‘Quirky’ range, had their antennas finely tuned when they channeled the prints that make up this range.

Feeling Loud ?

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The floor gurus at Alternative Flooring describe the range like so: “Quirky by name and definitely quirky by nature, this fashionable collection of wilton carpet runners takes its cue from true Brit style. An on trend range of runners for stairs and hallways, packed with pattern, full of colour, designed with bravado and boasting a hip mix of styles – Dotty, Tess, Fling and Skinny.”

How adorable are those names? Just imagine the beauty of the entire range? This is for you if you like statement furnishing with a distinctly British feel. It’s also for you if you like to talk to your floors and call them by their human name. No, not really – but admit that you’d be tempted to. Who wouldn’t like to greet wooly, cosy ‘Dotty’ after a tough day at the office?

This range is for the hip eccentrics, no longer a dying breed. This is for aspiring ‘rug stars.’
There’s a super special option waiting for you if what you have in mind for your rug is beyond the realms of eccentric and downright bordering on bonkers. For those who don’t do limits; the sort who imagine something off-the-wall and desire to create it, there’s hope. Alternative Flooring, those awesome peeps, provide a ‘Make Me’ service, allowing artists, adventurists, and all stripes of loon to create their very own rugs. No boundaries, no rules, just pure unadulterated creativity. Here’s the Alternative Flooring folks in their own words on the subject of rugs, which they take very seriously:

“We love rugs. Rugs are our sunshine and make us happy when rooms are grey. We can all be rug stars, so be creative and be inspired by our bright stars from Team Alternative to the leading lights in the world of interiors and design. Have fun with make me!”


We are proud stockists of Alternative Flooring, a company that insists on standing out, making an impression and being a beacon of creativity for the entire flooring market. It’s their mission to dress the entire flooring industry in feather boas and disco balls. They are a cheeky lot, and pride themselves on it.

So if you’re after something that is made with passion, a sprinkling of love and made with not-from-concentrate creative juice, you will definitely want to take a look at our range of Alternative Flooring rugs, runners and carpets.

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