Add texture with plain Carpet – Carpets Guide Part 1

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There’s wealth of beautiful designs to choose from.

The style of carpet you choose depends on the degree of wear and tear it’s likely to undergo, and you need to pick a colour and pattern to suit your decor. Carpets are often made from a mix of different fibres, each chosen for its resilience, strength and stain resistance. Wool is the most versatile fibre so look out for carpets made from at least 50 per cent wool. An 80 per cent wool, 20 per cent nylon mix is a good all-purpose choice. Synthetics are durable, but tend to have lower pile weight, which means they don’t spring back into shape in the same way wool does.


Woven styles have the pile and backing woven simultaneously, using a traditional method that makes them hardwearing but also expensive. Wilton carpets are usually plain, often with a velvet pile, though you will also find loop and twist piles. Axminster carpets are usually patterned, with a cut-velvet pile.

Tufted designs have pile punched into a backing fabric, and then glued to secure it, often with a layer of latex. Both twisted and looped designs can be produced. The method is less time consuming than woven carpets, and as a result of this the carpets are usually less expensive.


Which fibre is most hardwearing?

Different yarns have their own qualities and for this reason they are often blended. Wool is naturally very resilient, but good quality carpets made from nylon and polypropylene are also very hardwearing.

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What about underlay’s?

New carpets should always be fitted with a new underlay as it will improve the carpet’s life and performance. It also enhances the feel of the carpet under foot and improves its heat and sound insulation. Sponge rubber underlay provides a particularly soft and luxurious feel, while crumb rubber and polyurethane underlay’s are more environmentally-friendly option as they’re made from recycled materials.

 Carpet UnderlayHow long can i expect my carpet to last?

This really is difficult to say because it depends on so many different factors. Location makes a huge difference, with the hall, stairs and landings normally receiving the most wear. The number of people in the house will also affect the amount of wear and tear it receives, as does whether they wipe their feet or remove their shoes when they come in. As with everyhthing, you get what you pay for, and quality carpet should give five to seven or even 10 years wear.


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