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Bigger is better – the latest trend in open plan living

Luxury vinyl flooring giant Moduleo has taken to providing fashion tips – for flooring. Recognising the movement towards open plan living, they think they have spotted a new trend – the use of wider, longer planks and tiles to floor our living spaces.

Perfect for open plan living

Like all good fashionistas, Moduleo is very much on trend. It understands that using larger planks or tiles for flooring can really add to the sense of space in any room. If you are looking to make the most of the open plan areas in your home or commercial premises, then it really can make all the difference to how the room feels.

Big and beautiful – but tough too

Specialists in luxury vinyl flooring, Moduleo have used their expertise to develop a stunning, high quality offering to meet this new demand, adding large plank options to its well established Transform range. It offers beautiful but tough flooring. Scuff and moisture resistant, it is easy to clean and designed to last in even the busiest of spaces.

Moduleo Design Flooring

Moduleo Luxury Flooring

Larger plank options are now available in four of the most popular flooring finishes in the Transform range:


Get the natural look

Already best sellers, each plank is large enough to highlight the grain effect in every design, adding an even more authentically natural finish to the product. Beautifully manufactured, Moduleo flooring comes with a minimum 20 year guarantee so that you can rest assured that it will look fabulous in your open plan area for many years to come.

Go Green

And if you value environmentally friendly products, then Moduleo’s impressive green manufacturing and recycling credentials give you even more reason to choose from their flooring range. Each product contains up to an impressive 50% recycled material. With eco-friendly production facilities in Belgium, their flooring planks may be getting larger but the carbon footprint of their products remains small.

Get on trend

The trend for wider, longer planks for your floors looks set to stay. So even if you are not the most dedicated follower of flooring fashion, it might be time to look again at the options available to bring your home right up-to-date.

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