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Beautiful Bathroom Flooring


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Karndean Design Flooring

Karndean Design Flooring


What do you think of when you think about flooring for your bathroom? Let’s face it, most of us will automatically think of tiles. Well, there’s a beautiful, stylish and practical alternative that it is worth taking a look at – Karndean luxury vinyl flooring.

It’s true that tiles do offer a great choice for your bathroom. With lots of colours and styles, the fact that they are waterproof and a pretty durable surface means they have a lot going for them. But they have some fairly major downsides. Without under-floor heating, they can be very cold, often slippy (not great in a bathroom) and then there is the hassle and expense of getting a tiler to fit them.

Karndean vinyl flooring – luxurious and practical

Luxury vinyl flooring offers a beautiful, practical alternative to tiling. Prestigious British luxury vinyl flooring manufacturer Karndean Design has a stunning range of wood and stone effect finishes that look perfect in any bathroom.

Are you worried about using hardwood flooring somewhere as wet as a bathroom? Fine, the Karndean range can replicate a wood floor in a huge range of colours and finishes.

If you want a tile effect, you can have that too. Karndean stone flooring options offer the look of a tile with a wide variety of finishes, including slate, granite, limestone and concrete. So you get much of the variety that tiles can give you with the comfort, durability and safety of a luxury vinyl floor instead.

Bathroom Flooring by Karndean

Go Greek – or geek!

And if you want something a bit quirky, a little different and more individual, then check out the Iconic range of flooring. With fabulous alternative designs, it really does have something for everyone. Go Greek and give your bathroom a classical feel with an intricate mosaic design. Or go for something off the wall and opt for a sleek design like the metallic Tungsten or Comet to get the modern look.

Kid proof

The big advantage that Karndean luxury vinyl flooring has over tiles and other options, is that it is pretty much kid-proof. Softer and warmer underfoot than traditional tiling, it is also slip resistant. For people with kids or who are less sure on their feet, Karndean offers a range of designs that have the highest anti-slip rating possible. So your bathroom can be simultaneously gorgeous and safe.

So, when you come to updating or redesigning your bathroom, dare to think a little differently and take a look at what Karndean Design flooring has to offer. We reckon you’ll never look at cold, slippy tiles again!

Karndean Flooring at Floor Designs Falkirk


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